Maya Kobalia


Where could I receive a high-guality education about Baltic Sea region and Baltic countries, if not in the Baltic country, if not in Estonia? One of the main reasons I chose this 2-year MA programme was for the Curriculum structure, and prompt, courteous and considerate communication with the University of Tartu student service (during the application process).

Mikheil Basilaia


I study Cyber Security. I think in Estonia there is everything needed for study – from libraries to high level academic personnel. It is the country where student can have both – high level education and high level fun!

Mikko Härkönen


Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management programme has a unique approach to studies - beginning from international lecturers until study trips to spa hotels in order to understand how businesses are actually running.


The best thing that has ever happened to me is that I could go to University of California in Berkeley as a visiting research scientist. Estonia has been so awesome, good friends, good people, caring, loving and helpful. Everyday has been a plus to my career goal. The International study center of TUT is so awesome, always available!

Othmar Mwambe


I really encourage other students to come and study in Estonia, it is a small but beautiful place with good education background, especially Tartu.

Ottavio Cambieri


Interactive Media and Knowledge Environements is a great combination of new technologies, internet studies and arts. Moreover, Estonia is a place where it is possible to deal with different cultures and work in extremely mixed environments.

Paul Pryce


The closest I had ever come to Estonia before was Ukraine, so I expected similar architecture, similar lifestyles. I actually found that Estonia is very unique. There are aspects which are similar to Russia or to Ukraine, but there are also many aspects which are practically identical to Sweden or to Finland. Estonia is truly at a crossroads, which means there’s always something to discover.

Pratyush Kumar Das


Learning Gene Technology at UT as a Doctoral student made me realize that knowledge is not what you know but knowledge is indeed always what provokes you to know.

Remo Gramigna


Estonia was the only country in Europe that offered a full MA programme in Semiotics taught in English. I am very satisafied about what I do and what I study - this is the best thing that can happen in life: be happy!

Samet Erap


I study sofware engineering. I knew that Estonia has a good reputation about IT and as we all know Skype was born in Estonia.