Advanced level Chinese studies available at Tallinn University from Spring semester


From this spring semester, Tallinn University Confucius Institute will start to teach Chinese at an advanced level (C1 or Proficient User). Until now, Tallinn University has taught Chinese at an intermediate level.

Around 500-600 people study Chinese every year in Estonia. In 2014, 179 students took Chinese language and culture courses at the Tallinn University Confucius Institute.
Tallinn University Confucius Institute started teaching Chinese in 2010, and thus far the highest level taught here has been the Independent User (B2) level.
Confucius Institute specializes in teaching Chinese language and culture, sharing information about studying in China and grants. The Institute also promotes cooperation between Estonia and the People's Republic of China.

Confucius Institute is a Chinese language and culture centre, which is part of the international network of Confucius Institutes, based in Hanban. There are close to 440 Confucius Institutes, which operate through cooperation between a foreign University and Chinese universities. Tallinn University's Confucius Institute works since autumn 2010. 

Tallinn University's Confucius Institute