Doctoral programmes

A master’s qualification is required for entry to doctoral studies. Estonia is an exciting country for a PhD student: our universities have lots of different study programmes and Estonia has PhD students from more than 50 countries in the world. Doctoral studies in Estonia are without tuition fee and with various grants and scholarship opportunities.

Entry requirements for PhD students

The following documents are usually required for an application:

  • completed application form
  • certified copies of certificates/degrees/qualifications showing eligibility for Doctoral studies
  • academic transcript(s)
  • academic CV
  • statement of purpose
  • two or three photos
  • copy of an identification document

Deadlines for presenting an application can be found from here:

Specific requirements depend on the requirements of the institution of higher education and the particular course. Specific requirements may include an entrance examination, thesis plan or an interview etc. All prospective international students should contact the university they wish to attend for additional information.


Estonian Academy of Arts
Accredited doctoral programmes: Art & Design


Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre

Accredited doctoral programmes:  Music and Dramatic Art; Musicology


Estonian University of Life Sciences

Accredited doctoral programmes: Agricultural Sciences; Environmental Sciences and Applied Biology; Forestry; Veterinary Medicine and Food Science


Estonian Business School

Accredited doctoral programmes: Management


Tallinn University
Accredited doctoral programmes:   Analytical Biochemistry; Demography; Ecology; Educational Sciences; Government and Politics; Health Behaviour and Wellbeing; History; Information Society Technologies; Linguistics; Physics; Psychology; Social Work; Sociology; Studies of Cultures


University of Tartu
Accredited doctoral programmes:  See full list from here.
Contact form:


Tallinn University of Technology 
Accredited doctoral programmes:  Chemical and Materials Technology; Chemistry and Gene Technology; Civil and Environmental Engineering; Earth Sciences; Economics and Business Administration; Engineering Physics; Information and Communication Technology; Mechanical Engineering; Power Engineering and Geotechnology; Public Administration