Yavuz Gökçen


I study in Tallinn University of Technology, and I study international business administration. I always wanted to study abroad and when I decided to go with my friend, we searched all the EU countries and Estonia made us feel warmer instead of cold weather.

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Carlos Andres Perez


Semiotics has helped me to not only enhance my career, but also to acquire new knowledge, expertise, and skills so as to critically analyze language and discourse. Semiotics at the University of Tartu is the best option for those who want to apply their knowledge in different fields and professions.

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Manuel Benito Hurtado


I study Choral Conducting. I have had the opportunity to meet well-known Estonians and Grammy winners like Veljo Tormis, Arvo Pärt, Eri Klas, Tõnu Kaljuste, whom I previously knew only through books and CDs. Now I can meet them in person.

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Mikheil Basilaia


I study Cyber Security. I think in Estonia there is everything needed for study – from libraries to high level academic personnel. It is the country where student can have both – high level education and high level fun!

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Erin Dumbacher

United States of America

I could think of no better place to study the nexus of international relations, transition economics, and technology development.

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Matouš Kostlivý

Czech Republic

I study Technology Governance. Combination of economy and politics was more than exciting and considering the professors at this programme there wasn’t better choice anywhere else in Europe.

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Adam Barnett


I study the Master of Law. I was very favorably impressed with the decency of the people and the beauty of the country.

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Othmar Mwambe


I really encourage other students to come and study in Estonia, it is a small but beautiful place with good education background, especially Tartu.

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Pratyush Kumar Das


Learning Gene Technology at UT as a Doctoral student made me realize that knowledge is not what you know but knowledge is indeed always what provokes you to know.

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