Doctoral exchange study scholarships

Scholarships of Estonian Government

Name of the scholarship programme: Estonian national scholarship programme for international students, researchers and academic staff. 

The aim of the scholarship: the scholarship for PhD students intended to support the exchange study or research of international students at the Estonian institutions of higher education (HEI). 

Scholarship amount: 422 EUR per month. Additional costs such as tuition fee, health insurance and other costs will not be compensated.

Period and conditions of the scholarship

The duration of paying the student stipend is 1-10 months. The stipend period must generally remain within the academic year (from September to June). The grant period is the period from the first day up to the last day of the studies, according to the dates mentioned in the confirmation letter of the recipient institution. The duration of one period of studies (grant period) should not be shorter than 30 days. The grant to be paid will be calculated according to the number of days of the grant period based on the rate of the relevant type of scholarship. During the period of payment of grant the scholarship recipient should stay in Estonia.

The commission will favour applicants who have not been granted or given any other scholarships for the same period or for the same aim.

Please also read: Guide of the scholarship programme for international students in English

Application procedure and deadlines

The application period for 2018 is April 1st - May 1st.

In case of the exchange/credit mobility, the following documents shall be submitted:

  • application form and motivation letter through online application system
  • confirmation of admission from the higher education institution in Estonia or confirmation of submission of required admission documents;
  • copy of passport or ID-card.
  • transcript of records from home university;
  • confirmation of registration from home university containing information on the applicant's level of study, normal period of studies and progress towards the degree,
  • statement of interest from the host university in Estonia (may be submitted in the form of letter of recommendation).

All documents should be in English or Estonian. Documents must be translated to any of these languages if the language of issuance is different. The foundation has the right to require the additional documents. Submitted documents will be not returned to the applicant. The applications which are not full complicated, drawn up as required, include false information or are submitted with a delay are not assessed.

The application system link: Please register in order to start the application.

Admission to Estonian higher education institution

The admission to the institution of higher education is separate from the application for the scholarship. The decision to award scholarship for the applicant does not guarantee his/her admittance to the HEI. The applicant should submit the required documents to the HEI according to the entrance requirements of the institution of higher education. The decision on admittance to the institution of higher education should be adopted before the payment of scholarship.


Programme coordinator: Ms Triinu Lillepalu, 

Guide of the national scholarship programme for international students, researchers and academic staff: