Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre


Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre is the only public university in Estonia offering education in music and drama. In addition to vocalists and instrumentalists, conductors, composers, musicologists, music teachers and sound engineers are also trained in Bachelor’s programmes. On the Master’s level, the list of curricula include the chamber ensemble, accompaniment class, contemporary improvisation and cultural management. Curricula of interpretation specialties focus on specialty, ensemble and orchestral performances or Opera Studio; music theory and history, as well as other humanities are also studied. It is possible to obtain teacher’s qualification. The Drama School of EAMT prepares future actors, directors and playwrights.

EAMT can be considered an internationally strong and competitive learning and research facility. Most Estonian musicians have been involved with EAMT either through their own studies or through teaching activity. Among our best-known alumni, there are composers Arvo Pärt and Erkki-Sven Tüür, as well as conductors Eri Klas and Tõnu Kaljuste. Most of the actors and directors of Estonian theatres are also alumni of the Drama School of EAMT.

The major research areas at the EAMTe are Musicology, Theatre, Music Education, Interpretation Education and Cultural Management. Research topics are related to music and theatre in one way or another; research topics in the Cultural Management curriculum are also related to other fields of the art and culture scene as a whole.

The Library is the largest music library in Estonia. Its collection contains about 130,000 scores, 35,000 books, 14,000 CD’s, 2,500 DVD’s and is available to all professional musicians, music teachers and interested persons, whereas registered readers can access all libraries’ audio recordings over the internet from their home computers.

The Concert Centre organizes over 100 concerts a year giving students and professors of EAMT, as well as different academic music collectives, an opportunity to perform. In September, EAMT's Autumn Fest, dedicated to the contemporary music, and in February, early music festival “Ceciliana” take place. Both festivals involve exciting ensembles and musicians from abroad, but students of EAMT always have a place in the festival programme.

EAMT is a member of many of international organisations and an active participant of educational programmes financed by the European Union. The number of partner universities, including several leading European music and theatre universities, has exceeded 120. Short-term Master’s courses by visiting professors have become a natural part of the study programme; in addition, EAMT collaborates regularly with about ten visiting professors. EAMT participates as an organiser or a partner in international intensive programmes between a number of universities. The Academy also promotes their students’ education in prestigious European music universities with a variety of international programmes and scholarships. 

EAMT is located in the centre of Tallinn, Tatari 13, and is one of the most functional music education facilities in Europe. In addition to study and practicing rooms, the building houses a library, a chamber music hall, an electronic music studio, a cafeteria etc. EAMT is planning to build a concert hall seating 500 people next to the already existing building.


Type of institution: Public University

Faculties and colleges:

Departments of Piano, Strings, Brass and Woodwind, Voice (including Opera Studio), Conducting, Music Composition (including Electronic Music Studio), Musicology Jazz and  Folk music. Institutes Interpretation Pedagogics and Music Education; Centers of Vocal Chamber Music, Instrumental Chamber Music, Contemporary Music and Improvisation,  Early Music and Center of Cultural Management and Humanities

Center of Doctoral studies

Drama School

Number of students: 635      

Number of international students: 156


International student office:

Contact person: Ms Margit Võsa, Registry and Student Affairs Department specialist

Phone: +372 6675 709



Address: Tatari 13, Tallinn 10116, Estonia