Read about others experiences while studying in Estonia.


Carlos Eduardo Moreno


Social and Cultural Anthropology at Tallinn University: Fascinating. Interesting. Challenging. Demanding. Enriching. Time-taking. Culturally-aware. Multicultural.

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Terry McDonald


Studying here has given me a fabulous opportunity to explore the world and interact with different cultures that I never could have experienced without coming here. I am here to excel. I want to not only complete my Masters, but to have as many possible options for a PhD proramme afterwards.

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Valeria Gasik


I study Interactive Media and Knowledge Environments. Tallinn’s blooming start-up atmosphere, helpful and encouraging student community and the town’s rich cultural supply have had a big impact on me.

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Kalvis Kulačkovskis


I would tell others that studying in Estonia in Baltic Film and Media School is great, and that they can meet a lot of different people, and I don´t mean only Estonians. And of course that it is hell of a fun.  

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Giorgi Tabagari

I was living in Tallinn for two years and I still keep on going back to Estonia whenever I have an opportunity. I found my spiritual homeland there and that’s already enough expression to cover all my impressions. I love each and every corner of the Tallinn Old Town and appreciate Estonian people for being extremely friendly to me and generally to Georgians.

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Antonio Semakalu


I study Applied Measurement Sciences. Chemistry students should consider at least one of their levels of studies at the University of Tartu. I have the chance of being taught by Professor Ivo Leito who knows Metrology in chemistry better than any other person...

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Laura Elisa Valle Rios


I study Sustainable Energetics. I strongly recommend Estonia as a place to study. Universities here offer study programmes in English language in almost all kind of areas.

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Samet Erap


I study sofware engineering. I knew that Estonia has a good reputation about IT and as we all know Skype was born in Estonia.

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Johannes Schmidt


Studying the Master of Technology Governance in Tallinn does not mean rushing through your education to receive a degree, it rather means to participate in a school of thought.

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