Read about others experiences while studying in Estonia.


Paul Pryce


The closest I had ever come to Estonia before was Ukraine, so I expected similar architecture, similar lifestyles. I actually found that Estonia is very unique. There are aspects which are similar to Russia or to Ukraine, but there are also many aspects which are practically identical to Sweden or to Finland. Estonia is truly at a crossroads, which means there’s always something to discover.

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Maya Kobalia


Where could I receive a high-guality education about Baltic Sea region and Baltic countries, if not in the Baltic country, if not in Estonia? One of the main reasons I chose this 2-year MA programme was for the Curriculum structure, and prompt, courteous and considerate communication with the University of Tartu student service (during the application process).

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Eugene Birman

United States of America

I came here knowing almost no one in the professional music world and I am now in contact with a number of musicians and conductors...

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Anna Pusa


My degree programme is ....: ÕIS System, experienced lecturers, helpful International Student Center/Study Consultant, free Wi-fi, library´s complete book collection, ESN programs & events, innovative learning with Moodle, international students from all over Europe, fun way of studying, plus useful and good quality courses which are usable in working places.

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Ottavio Cambieri


Interactive Media and Knowledge Environements is a great combination of new technologies, internet studies and arts. Moreover, Estonia is a place where it is possible to deal with different cultures and work in extremely mixed environments.

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Elina Krievina


You have to explore the world, studies abroad are the best way to do it. Studies abroad give the best opportunity to meet new people and see places that will allow you to become a well rounded individual, to learn to care about the world affairs, to feel like you are part of something big.

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Dmitry Stepanenko


I do think that one of the first reasons to go to Estonia was because the education here is in English and I’m a real fan of that language! Then, there are professors and students all over the world. Also, the price of the education is not that high and Tallinn is not far away from my mother town, actually. So these are the main reasons as to why I’ve exactly chosen to study in Estonia.

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Adrienne Warren

United States of America

The benefits of studying in Estonia for me are difficult to summarize. I changed as a student, but more so, as a human being. It’s impossible to recount the many levels, personally and professionally, on which I was transformed, humbled, and sharpened. Suffice it to say — my sense of life purpose was irrevocably refined.

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Tetyana Kasima


I guess here I experience student life not only from the side of lectures and exams but also from a more interactive, student oriented side, where students can organize events themselves and are more in charge of what they want to study and do during their study year.

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