Master degree scholarships


Compatriots scholarships

Name of the scholarship programme: Compatriots programme

The aim is support degree studies of young expatriate Estonians in Estonia’s public universities. Eligible to apply for the scholarship are young expatriate Estonians who have not lived in Estonia permanently for the last 5 years.

The scholarship includes:

  • a one-time settling in allowance;
  • a monthly subsistence grant during studies;
  • travel grant (travel expenses for travelling home and back twice a year); 
  • extra scholarship for good academic performance, paid once a year;
  • state fee for residence permit and health insurance, if necessary.

For receiving the subsistence grant next year, the grantee must complete at least 75% of the annual study volume. The scholarship is not paid during academic leave or during studies which have exceeded the nominal period.


The study scholarship is available for expat Estonians with secondary or higher education or its equivalent, who have not lived in Estonia permanently for at least five years, or are listed as a pupil/student of an Estonian educational institution during the calendar year preceding the application.

The study scholarship shall support expat Estonians who are pupils/students enrolled full-time to the study programme taught in Estonian language. Studying in other languages cannot be supported from the Compatriots’ Programme.


Applicants must submit the following documents (either in Estonian, English or Russian):

  • signed formal application;
  • a curriculum vitae;
  • copy of the document certifying the acquired education (diploma with the transcript of grades) or extract of the study results of the graduation class of high school and the copy of the certificate of the penultimate class;
  • copy of the personal data page of passport;
  • copy of the document certifying the Estonian origin (birth certificate, parents' or grandparents' birth certificates, etc.);
  • recommendation letter (from the representative of the Estonian Society, community, Estonian language teacher, other teachers, supervisor).

Application procedures and deadlines

The documents must be uploaded to the application system in scanned form. The Foundation has the right to check the correspondence of the submitted documents to the originals.

Deadline for online application: 1st of May 2019

The Council has the right to disqualify applicants whose application do not meet the requirements or include false information.


Programme coordinator: Ms Anne-Ly Võlli,

More information

University scholarships

Please read the scholarship information of Estonian universities from their websites:

Study IT in Estonia specialty scholarship 

Name of the scholarship programme: Study IT in Estonia programme

The aim: Every year the Study IT in Estonia gives away a total of €300 000 as speciality scholarships to Master's students at the Tallinn University of Technology and the University of Tartu. Up to 30 per cent of all the students who has not exceeded the nominal duration of study of the study program can receive the scholarship. The students can apply after enrolment twice in a year – beginning of October and February.

Scholarship amount: Master students studying Informatics (at Tallinn University of Technology) and Computer Science (University of Tartu) can receive a scholarship between 240 and 300 euros in a month (10 months in an academic year).



LHV Bank Scholarship for ICT students 

Name of the scholarship programme: Study IT in Estonia programme

The aim: the LHV Bank scholarship is designed to encourage students graduating from ICT courses in the 2015-16 academic year to use their skills and knowledge outside of the ICT sector.

Scholarship amount: In the academic year 2015/2016, the amount of the scholarship for Master´s student is 3000 euros.