Master degree scholarships


Scholarships of Estonian Government

Name of the scholarship programme: Estonian national scholarship programme for international students, researchers and academic staff. The scholarships for Master’s study are intended to support the degree study of international students at the Estonian institutions of higher education (HEI).

Scholarship amount: 350 EUR per month. Additional costs such as tuition fee, health insurance and other costs will not be compensated.

Period and conditions of the scholarship

The scholarship for degree study is paid for twelve calendar months each academic year during the nominal period of study, except the last academic year of the nominal period of study when the scholarship is paid for ten months.

A scholarship is paid on condition that the scholarship recipient is studying full time and completes cumulatively at least 75% of the coursework required by the curriculum by the end of each academic year. The scholarship of degree study is not paid during the stay at academic leave or in exceeding the nominal duration of the studies.

The commission will favour applicants who have not been granted or given any other scholarships for the same period or for the same aim.

Please also read: Guide of the scholarship programme for international students in English

Application procedure and deadlines

The application period for 2018 is April 1st - May 1st.

The following documents shall be submitted for the scholarship for students:

  • application form and motivation letter through online application system
  • confirmation of admission from the higher education institution in Estonia or confirmation of submission of required admission documents;
  • copy of passport or ID-card.

All documents should be in English or Estonian. Documents must be translated to any of these languages if the language of issuance is different. The foundation has the right to require the additional documents. Submitted documents will be not returned to the applicant. The applications which are not full complicated, drawn up as required, include false information or are submitted with a delay are not assessed.

The application system link: Please register in order to start the application.

Admission to Estonian higher education institution

The entrance to the institution of higher education is separate from the application for the scholarship. The decision to award scholarship for the applicant does not guarantee his/her admittance to the HEI. The applicant should submit the required documents to the HEI according to the entrance requirements of the institution of higher education. The decision on admittance to the institution of higher education should be adopted before the payment of scholarship.


Programme coordinator: Ms Triinu Lillepalu, 

Guide of the national scholarship programme for international students, researchers and academic staff:

HEI contacts

Estonian Academy of Arts: Ms. Helen Kärner-Gavrilin,

Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre: Ms. Hanneleen Pihlak,

Estonian Business School: Ms. Liina Reimann,

Estonian University of Life Sciences: Ms. Eda Tursk,

Tallinn University of Technology: (for new students, who are applying to study in university), already admitted students should contact their faculty for releveant confirmation letter.

Tallinn University: : (for new students, who are applying to study in university), already admitted students should contact their faculty for relevant confirmation letter.

University of Tartu: (for new students, who are applying to study in university), already enrolled students should contact their faculty for relevant confirmation letter

Compatriots scholarships

Name of the scholarship programme: Compatriots programme

The aim is support degree studies of young expatriate Estonians in Estonia’s public universities. Eligible to apply for the scholarship are young expatriate Estonians who have not lived in Estonia permanently for the last 5 years.

Scholarship amount: the scholarship includes tuition fees, a residence and subsistence allowance, a travel allowance, health insurance premiums and the stamp duty payable on the recipient’s residence permit. To remain eligible for the scholarship, the recipient must actively pursue his/her studies and must have completed at least 75% of the coursework required by the curriculum by the end of each year of studies. The scholarship will not cover any periods of academic leave or extension of studies.


The study scholarship will support successful applicants who wish to enrol for curricula taught in the Estonian language. If an applicant’s command of the Estonian language is insufficient to successfully cope with learning in that language, the applicant can request a grant to support his/her participation in an intensive Estonian language course prior to engaging in substantive studies under the curriculum chosen. The Compatriots Programme cannot support studies in languages other than Estonian.


Applicants must submit to the following documents (either in Estonian, English or Russian):

  • the application with photo;
  • a curriculum vitae;
  • a copy of the document certifying the applicant’s completion of a secondary education, or where this is not available, a transcript of scholarly record for the final year of secondary school and a copy of the report for the preceding year. Candidates wishing to enrol for Master’s studies must submit a copy of the document certifying completion of a higher education (diploma) and transcripts of records, or where this is not available, a transcripts of records of Bachelor’s Studies;
  • a copy of the passport page stating the applicant’s personal particulars;
  • a copy of the applicant’s birth certificate or other document, that confirms Estonian ethnicity;
  • 1 letter of reference (where possible, these should be from the local association of Estonians, members of the local Estonian community, the applicant’s teacher of Estonian or of some other subject).

Application procedures and deadlines

Applications must be submitted in two ways: through the Foundation webpage and by post.

Important: Documents must be submitted in both ways. 

The application form with all required documents must be filled in, printed out and scanned. Documents must be submitted in one (1) pdf or jpeg file. All documents must be submitted through the following webpage:

Deadline for online application: to be announced

All original documents and confirmed copies must be sent by post directly to the Foundation (address: Archimedes Foundation, Compatriots Programme, Koidula 13a, 10125 Tallinn, Estonia).

Deadline for post: to be announced

The Council has the right to disqualify applicants whose documents do not meet the requirements, include false information or arrive after the established deadline. Application documents will not be returned.


Programme coordinator: Ms Annela Oona;

More information:

University scholarships

Please read the scholarship information of Estonian universities from their websites:

Study IT in Estonia specialty scholarship 

Name of the scholarship programme: Study IT in Estonia programme

The aim: Every year the Study IT in Estonia gives away a total of €300 000 as speciality scholarships to Master's students at the Tallinn University of Technology and the University of Tartu. Up to 30 per cent of all the students who has not exceeded the nominal duration of study of the study program can receive the scholarship. The students can apply after enrolment twice in a year – beginning of October and February.

Scholarship amount: Master students studying Informatics (at Tallinn University of Technology) and Computer Science (University of Tartu) can receive a scholarship between 240 and 300 euros in a month (10 months in an academic year).



LHV Bank Scholarship for ICT students 

Name of the scholarship programme: Study IT in Estonia programme

The aim: the LHV Bank scholarship is designed to encourage students graduating from ICT courses in the 2015-16 academic year to use their skills and knowledge outside of the ICT sector.

Scholarship amount: In the academic year 2015/2016, the amount of the scholarship for Master´s student is 3000 euros.