Professional higher education institutions (Estonian: rakenduskõrgkoolid) provide first-cycle higher education programmes, but may also offer master’s level programmes and post-secondary vocational education programmes in the fields of their specialization. A professional higher education institution may independently provide master´s programmes in the fields of theology, public security and national defence, master´s programmes in other fields may be provided in collaboration with a university.

Professional higher education institutions may be state or private. Professional higher education institutions are legally more restricted in their activities and the approval of the Ministry of Education and Research is required in order to open new study programmes or to establish the terms and conditions for admission. State professional higher education institutions are financed by the state. 

Private professional higher education institutions provide study programmes mainly in the fields of social sciences, business administration, information technology and theology.

Currently there is one university of applied sciences that has degree programmes taught in English.

Please have a look at its profile below.