Estonian Academy of Arts students build three wooden installations imitating the waves for Tallinn Music Week festival


Students from Estonian Academy of Arts team up with Tallinn Music Festival, and tutored by architects Sille Pihlak and Siim Tuksam, show people how bandstands can have exciting and unique design.

The timber-frame installations are called ‘soundWAVES’ after their idea and design. All three landmarks test the limits of contemporary wooden structures, to reach new spatial and visual effects.

The installations were designed using local cutting-edge timber production technology, trying to offer a glimpse into the future of wooden architecture and the possibilities offered by combining timber, the most traditional of building material, with the latest in algorithmic computational design.

With 51% of Estonia covered with forests, it’s only natural for the the local architects and designers to search for new and exciting ways of using wood to create architecture that was not possible using only traditional methods.

The installations have also their own soundtrack, provided by Musicity Tallinn, a collaboration between BBC Radio 3 broadcaster Nick Luscombe, Death In Vegas founder, soundmaster Steve Hellier, and Tallinn-based musician and producer Aivar Tõnso.

Two of the three installations will remain open for viewing and usage also after the festival.