Jekaterina Balicka


I like Tartu, and I like the University of Life Sciences and the research team. Besides that, it is not far away from Latvia – the nature and the mentality and the weather is common for me too. So I decided to make a PhD in Landscape Architecture here.

Jenny Uusikartano


I got interested in Baltic States after living and studying in Estonia. After gradutating I got into master’s programme concerning Baltic Sea Region. Without my studies in Estonia, I doubt I won’t have choosen this route.

Johannes Schmidt


Studying the Master of Technology Governance in Tallinn does not mean rushing through your education to receive a degree, it rather means to participate in a school of thought.

Juliane Jokinen


If one wants to study international business, one should also be in an environment that gives you the opportunity. Tallinn has been a truly international capital with a great number of creative and young people. Tallinn gives you a lot of new opportunities.

Kalvis Kulačkovskis


I would tell others that studying in Estonia in Baltic Film and Media School is great, and that they can meet a lot of different people, and I don´t mean only Estonians. And of course that it is hell of a fun.

Karol Kisiel


I study Choral Conducting. I have contact with great teachers, talented students and highly respected choirs and orchestras. This is the most important for a conductor, wishing to develop intensively and quickly.

Laura Elisa Valle Rios


I study Sustainable Energetics. I strongly recommend Estonia as a place to study. Universities here offer study programmes in English language in almost all kind of areas.

Lelde Plüksna


TTU has a great campus! Everything is connected, you can go from the Faculty of Social Sciences to the Faculty of Ingeneering without going outside. There is a brand new and modern library, Wi-Fi throughout the school. My studies are held in a new building and there are always some renovations done to make the school premises more comfortable.

Manuel Benito Hurtado


I study Choral Conducting. I have had the opportunity to meet well-known Estonians and Grammy winners like Veljo Tormis, Arvo Pärt, Eri Klas, Tõnu Kaljuste, whom I previously knew only through books and CDs. Now I can meet them in person.

Matouš Kostlivý

Czech Republic

I study Technology Governance. Combination of economy and politics was more than exciting and considering the professors at this programme there wasn’t better choice anywhere else in Europe.