Tallinn University of Technology announces the number of tuition fee waivers


Tallinn University of Technology (TTU), the only technological university in Estonia and the flagship of Estonian engineering and technology education has announced a substantial number of 100% tuition fee waivers for foreign students starting their studies in September 2017.

Out of the total number of study places available for admission, 42% percent is covered with a full tuition fee waiver. The percentage is even higher for IT and engineering-related study fields where 75% of enrolled students will receive a tuition fee waiver for the whole duration of their nominal study period. The number of study places as well tuition fee waivers are available on TTU website www.ttu.ee/programmes. In addition to tuition fee waivers, there is a variety of scholarships available for helping students fund their studies or cover living costs. All students are eligible for a performance-based scholarship, and speciality scholarships and tuition fee waivers are offered in certain fields (mainly with IT and engineering). There are more options available for Master’s students both from the university and the Estonian government.

TTU offers 3 programmes for Bachelor’s students and 17 programmes for Master’s students. Application for international studies opens on 2 January. More information at www.ttu.ee/admission.