Half the IT students at the University of Tartu to receive a stipend


Starting from the next academic year, the stipends allocated to the students of programmes in Computer Science will increase to motivate students to study full time in the areas of priority for Estonia. For the first time, nearly half the IT students will receive the stipend.

For the past three years, 20% of the best students of Computer Science at bachelor’s and master’s level and students of Software Engineering at master’s level have received a stipend to support their studies. Next academic year, the European Social Fund scholarship will be added to this and it will cover nearly all programmes in the area of natural and exact sciences, including IT programmes.  

The additional stipend gives half of the students at the UT Institute of Computer Science the possibility to receive a stipend. 20% of the best IT students will receive a stipend of 240 euros a month at bachelor’s level and 300 euros a month at master’s level. The next 30% of candidates in the ranking list will receive 160 euros a month.

Vice Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Tartu, Varmo Vene says that specialisation stipends are important for allowing students to focus fully on acquiring higher education. “We have found a way at the university to support talented students of specialties that are in high demand in society. By combining the funding from the IT Academy and the European Social Fund, we can acknowledge the good and most outstanding students with a considerably larger stipend,” added Vene.

Vene is convinced that only dedication to studies can guarantee the high quality of the next IT generation, whose activity would give national and international added value and who would lay the foundation of strong IT enterprises, like alumni before them have already done as founders of ZeroTurnaround, Taxify, Nortal, Fortumo, Transferwise and other IT enterprises.

A student is eligible to apply for a specialisation stipend if they are a full time student, not on academic leave and they have not exceeded the standard period of study of the curriculum. In addition, they must not have any negative results in the semester that precedes applying for the scholarship and they must have completed the curriculum cumulatively at least 30 credit points per semester.

Additional information: Varmo Vene, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Tartu, tel.: 737 5870, e–mail: varmo.vene@ut.ee.

Source: University of Tartu