Intensive English studies brings Japanese to Estonia


Students from Hokkaido University will be studying in intensive English language courses in Tartu until 19 March. The Japanese are living with host families where they can also participate in the everyday life of Estonians and practice English outside the classroom.

Hokkaido University students participate in intensive English language courses at the University of Tartu twice a year. This time there are six students in the programme with very different educational backgrounds: laboratory medicine, health sciences, business management and economics, environmental sciences, and linguistics.

In addition to intensive language classes, the students will get to know the local culture, social and living environment. For example, they will visit the parliament, the European Commission representation in Estonia, the e-Estonia Showroom, various museums, get acquainted with Tallinn, Tartu and the university, and meet students who are learning Japanese here. The varied study programme also provides a more general overview of the history and culture of the Baltic Sea and Baltic region and takes the students on a one-day trip to Helsinki.

“According to initial feedback, the Japanese value the high level of English language studies at the university and they praise English teacher Anett Raup for using interactive study methods. The students are also surprised that even though small Estonia is very developed in the e-world, traditional values and cultures are also appreciated here,” Margot Must, Senior Specialist for International Summer University, was glad to say.

Hokkaido University is a partner of the University of Tartu and over the years, a trustworthy relation has developed which is the basis of sustainable cooperation. English language intensive courses for students of Hokkaido are organised since 2013. The Japanese students are here for the sixth intensive course from 28 February to 19 March. The first half of the studies was in Tallinn, the second is done in Tartu.

The continuing education programme for Japanese students is organised by the UT Lifelong Learning Centre together with the College of Foreign Languages and Cultures.

The language studies of Hokkaido students are part of UT’s international continuing education which takes place all year round. Admission to the international summer university programmes is also currently open, see more at

Additional information:
Margot Must, UT Senior Specialist for International Summer University
tel. +372 737 5561