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University of Tartu has been organising language summer programmes since 1998 and today we offer an outstanding variety of interdisciplinary and subject specific summer courses with rigorous content, where the topics are approached with an emphasis on practical knowledge. The summer programmes are designed in collaboration with business enterprises and governmental institutions to integrate academic approach and practice.

Experience geographical variety in addition to academic diversity

Our interdisciplinary courses with the duration of 2 to 4 weeks take place in different towns of Estonia: Tallinn – the capital, Tartu – the University town and Pärnu – a sea-side resort. This gives you an excellent opportunity to enjoy and get to know the unique atmosphere of various cities. So, after the lectures and study visits you can enjoy medieval yet modern Tallinn, bohemian Tartu and sunny beach in Pärnu.

In addition to Estonia we have also programmes organised in co-operation with our partner universities in Utrecht (the Netherlands) and Riga (Latvia). By attending our academic courses you can focus on new knowledge, ideas and experiences, but at the same time you can also benefit by taking part in a great variety of interesting cultural and social events as well as stirring study tours.

Most of the programmes take place in July and August when the summer sun is at its peak.

Besides interdisciplinary courses we also offer subject specific summer programmes organised by different faculties and language centre.  Altogether, more than 400 students all over the world participate in our International Summer University.

In addition to open-registration courses we organise various tailor-made programmes for our partner institutions’ students. These programmes are carefully designed to consider the interests and needs of our partners.

Feedback from our students

"These three weeks have left as an unforgettable summer experience for me. Probably one of the best summer experiences I’ve had."

"I enjoyed my Estonian experience very much! The lectures were on the highest level, the visits to museums and establishments were very informative and interesting."

"Very impressed with the academic calibre of the professors."

"The courses were engaging and my classmates were interesting and diverse."


Name of summer school/programme: International Summer University

Name of university: University of Tartu

Length of the course/programme: 2-4 weeks. There is also a possibility to attend 1 week from a longer interdisciplinary programme.

Average fee (per course): Interdisciplinary programmes (all costs included: programme fee + housing + cultural programme + transportation within cities) from 885-1985 EUR for 1-4 week programmes. Language courses 430 EUR + housing costs. Specific field courses ~450 EUR per programme (depending on the course). Please check:

Scholarships: Yes (for Estonian language courses). In addition,possible target group / programme specific scholarships may be available for some courses.

Credits: Yes

Registration deadline: May 14th for interdisciplinary programmes, June 1 for language courses. Late applications are accepted in case there are places available.

Study fields: Social and Political Sciences, Business, Law, IT, Humanities, Languages, Crafts.

Accommodation: Depending on the programme double rooms in dormitories or budget hotels might be organised by the university. Check the detailed information for specific course.

Cultural programme: Most events are included in the course fee. Our cultural programme is designed to accompany the academic part and helps you to get a broader view about Estonia that has developed into a modern IT state from former USSR country. There are visits to different museums, city tours, welcome dinners and film nights.

Interesting fact about our summer school: We have students from all over the world and different continents. However, most of the participants come from USA, Finland and Germany.


Contact persons: Ms. Margot Must / Ms. Mari-Ann Susi


Address: Lifelong Learning Centre, University of Tartu, Ülikooli 18, Tartu 50090, Estonia


Phone: +372 732 737 5561 / +372 737 6609

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