Introductory welcoming programme for foreign students


Adapting to a new living environment can be an interesting but at the same time often complicated challenge. Acquiring the knowledge related to the living conditions, state and behavioural norms etc. and skills that help you settle in quickly and efficiently can take time. In order to support foreign nationals who have migrated to Estonia to settle in and to acquire the primary knowledge and skills, Estonia offers all new arrivals the opportunity to participate in an introductory welcoming programme.

The welcoming programme consists of various informative and interactive training modules, which:

·         guide you and support you in finding the information you need self-sufficiently;

·         value mutual communication, cooperation and establishment of contacts;

·         take place in a comfortable, open and diverse learning environment.

The welcoming programme consists of various informative and interactive training modules (basic, working and entrepreneurship, family life, studying, research etc.).

The thematic module on studying is aimed primarily at foreign students and pupils who come to study in Estonia.

The purpose of the module is to give an overview of the following topics:

1. Legal information related to mobility type, incl. the terms and conditions of the grant, acquisition or extension of residence permits and right of residence

2. Student networks, academic networks and organisations

3. Organisation of the Estonian education system, incl. general education, vocational training, professional higher education

4. Organisation of research and higher education

5. Study culture

6. Traineeship opportunities during and after studies

7. Working during and after studies

8. Labour market services for finding a job after studies, incl. recruitment portals

9. Overview of the support services offered to people arriving by way of learning mobility

10. Libraries

The studying module trainings take place this autumn  in Tallinn and in Tartu. First one-day training is held on August 27. Trainings are held in English and in Russian. Participation is free of charge. Organisers will provide tea, coffee, snacks and lunch. Participants will have the possibility to attend an excursion or interactive activity.

A precondition to participating in the trainings is a referral to the programme. Foreigners are referred to welcoming programme by the Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB). Registration and information:

The welcoming programme is funded by the European Social Fund, the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and the state budget.

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