New online course (MOOC) about internet voting in the University of Tartu


The Johan Skytte Institute of Political Studies is opening a new online course (MOOC) this autumn semester - ‘Diffusion and Impact of Internet Voting’ (SVJS.TK.003), 2ECTS, which will be taughtin English and will last from 17.10.2016 to 11.12.2016.

The course primarily targets non-ICT students and professionals, working and/or studying in Estonia, who are interested in widening their knowledge about e-government in general, and internet voting, in particular; but applicants from ICT backgrounds and other external participants are also welcome to the course.

During the MOOC, students will learn about the theory and foundational pre-requisites of e-government in Estonia; diffusion and usage of electronic voting; impact on voter turnout and electronic results as well as behavioural aspects and the future of internet voting. The course is unique in employing a wealth of empirical evidence - including 10 years of survey data on e-voting, actual log data on voting sessions and aggregate election data - to demonstrate the development and usage of internet voting. Taking into account the spread and extensive use of e-government in Estonia as well as increasing digitalisation of e-services at the global scale, the following course could become a good addition to enhancing participants understanding behind the e-governance architecture and improving one’s data literacy.

The course is compiled of weekly video lectures and additional reading and study material. At the end of the course, students who successfully complete weekly quizzes will receive the University of Tartu certificate.

All interested can register to the course at: . The registration deadline is 14.10.2016.

In case of additional questions regarding the course, do not hesitate to contact Anna Beitane, (

The course is funded with the help of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications from the European Social Fund's support scheme "Increasing digital literacy".