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Mobile web site for Study in Estonia

Tuesday, January 8

Study in Estonia has designed a new web page for smartphone and tablet owners. The new functional page focuses mainly on the study programmes – bachelor, master, doctoral programmes and also short courses in summer and winter.

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Mobile  website www.studyinestonia.ee

The amount of international degree students has more than doubled during the last five years. As in 2008 there were around 900 international students studying in Estonia, then this academic year the number is around 1850.

Study in Estonia has initiated lots of different marketing activities to enhance the visibility and awareness of Estonian universities like participating in the education fairs and exhibitions, creating brochures and booklets, active participation and promotion of universities in social media, organizing workshops aborad by the professors of Estonian universities, e-marketing, participating in and carrying out different surveys, Welcome Bag for international students, information events etc. This las led to the results that the amount of web page www.studyinestonia.ee visitors has more than doubled during the last two years.

The main focus of the mobile web site is on the study programmes.

„Anyway, the web is becoming more accessible by portable and wireless devices. As there are more and more people who use their tablets and smartphones, therefore we decided to make a mobile web site,“ said Eero Loonurm, the project manager of the mobile web page.
Regular websites are ususally not very user friendly when viewed on a smartphone. They do not fit on the small mobile phone screen and are hard to read and navigate. The mobile web indicates to access to internet from a handheld mobile device, such as a smartphone or a tablet computer.

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