Number of applications to study at Estonian University of Life Sciences increased by 50%


May 31 was the deadline to apply for English-language study programmes at the Estonian University of Life Sciences. The number of applications for master’s programme in Landscape Architecture remained the same, whereas the number of applications for Veterinary Medicine programme increased by 50% compared to the last year.

According to admissions specialist Eda Aitsen, most of the applicants have mentioned in their application „personal recommendation“ as their source of information. It is therefore fair to say that the current students and alumni are satisfied with the quality of education offered at the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

In total, the integrated programme in Veterinary Medicine received 106 applications from the following countries: Finland, USA, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Eritrea, Nigeria, Spain, UK, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and Finland. As usual, the greatest number of applications – 90, came from Finland.

The master’s programme in Landscape Architecture received 12 applications from Iran, Ukraine, Nigeria, Portugal, Georgia, Belarus, Iraq, Egypt and Jordan.

Compared to the last year, the number of countries from which we received applications has increased and so has the number of qualified applications. For more information about Estonian University of Life Sciences, please read from here