Scholarships for short courses

For incoming short-time mobility:

For outgoing short-time mobility:


Estonian governmental scholarships

Scholarship programme: Estonian national scholarship programme for international students, researchers and academic staff - Scholarships for summer and winter schools

The scholarships are intended to support participation in summer courses of Estonian language and culture as well as in courses of summer and winter schools related to the English-language curricula of degree study in Estonia.

Scholarship amount: The scholarship is used to reimburse up to 500 EUR of the course fee and accommodation costs of 25 EUR per day for a maximum of 28 days per secondment in a calendar year.

Courses eligible for scholarship application

1. Estonian language and culture courses

2. Courses related to the English-language curricula of degree study in Estonia

Tallinn University

Tallinn University of Technology

University of Tartu

Period and conditions

The stipend is available for students of Bachelor’s, Master’s or doctoral studies in foreign universities who are actively involved in the studies at the time of application and have been studying at university for at least one year.

During the period of payment of grant the scholarship recipient should stay in Estonia.

The candidate should pre-register to the course for applying for the scholarship.

The applications are assessed considering the following:

  • thoroughness of the motivation letter;
  • quality of application: clear objectives, work plan, expected study results etc.


The following documents will be submitted in applying the scholarship:

  • Application Form
  • Application form of the relevant educational institution;
  • CV  (for preference in the format of EUROPASS);
  • Academic transcripts (with an explanation of grading system);
  • Certificate from foreign university approving the status of a student and including information on the study level, duration of studies and  expected graduation date; 
  • Confirmation of the recipient institution on the admittance of the student (could be also sent by e-mail) or other confirmation of the registration for the  course; please find their contacts from their respected websites.
  • Copy of passport or ID-card.

All documents should be in English or Estonian.  Documents must be translated to any of these languages if the language of issuance is different. The foundation has the right to require the additional documents. Submitted documents will be not returned to the applicant. The applications which are not full complicated, drawn up as required, include false information or arrive with delay are not assessed.

Application procedure and deadlines

Applications must be submitted in two ways: through the Foundation webpage and by post.

Important: Documents must be submtted in both ways. 

The application form with all required documents must be filled in, printed out and scanned in 1 (one) pdf file. 

The application including additional documents has to be submitted through the electronic system at 15 April 2016 at the latest (Eastern European Time UTC/GMT +2 hours).

Deadline for online application: 15 April 2016 at the latest (Eastern European Time UTC/GMT +2 hours).

The application system will be opened one month before the deadline.

The signed application has to be forwarded by mail at the latest on the 7 th day after the deadline (stamp of mailing) to:

Centre for Higher Education Development
Foundation Archimedes
Koidula 13a, 10125 Tallinn
Republic of Estonia

Deadline for posting: 22.04.2016


Scholarship coordinator:  Ms Triinu Lillepalu, 

Guide of the national scholarship programme for international students, researchers and academic staff:

Summer schools contacts

Tallinn University: Ms. Olga Reili,

Tallinn University of Technology: Ms. Maria Aru,

University of Tartu: Ms. Margot Must,

Estonian Institute scholarships for language and culture summer courses

In the framework of the Programme of Academic Studies of Estonian Language and Culture Abroad The Estonian Institute offers foreign students (enrolled at non-Estonian universities) free places at Estonian language and culture summer courses organised by Estonian Unversities.

Courses and number of scholarships

There will be 16 free places for intermediate or advanced students available at summer courses organised by Tallinn University (July 11 - 29 2016) and 19 free places  for intermediate or advanced students available at summer courses organised by University of Tartu (intermediate and advanced courses based on English July 25 - August 5 2016). 

The scholarship amount: tuition fees, cultural program and accommodation in the least expensive double room. The applicant must cover the costs of travel to and from the course, and meals.

Who are eligible to apply: free places are offered only for intermediate or advanced students, who already have basic knowledge of Estonian. We do not offer the free places for beginners. All applicants must send a confirmation letter from their Estonian lecturer or teacher.


In order to apply for a free place you must complete

  • online application form
  • letter of motivation. In addition to reasons for attending the summer course, the applicants should describe in their letter of motivation their academic interest in and connections with Estonia (attended courses, delivered or planned research papers etc);
  • applicants must provide a letter of recommendation by their Estonian language and culture lecturer, which can be sent directly to the Estonian Institute separate from other documents.

IMPORTANT: In case the applicant has no preference for either Tallinn or Tartu university courses, and can participate in one or the other, he or she should fill a separate application for both universities. A free post will be granted for one course only.


In case the applicant wishes some other form of accommodation than the bed in a double room provided by the Estonian Institute, he or she has to pay the difference. If the applicant does not need accommodation, he or she is asked to state this in the application.

Submission of applications and results

The application form and its appendices should be sent by the 10 March 2016 ( The results will be annonced on website in the beginning of April. We will contact them, who will receive a free place by their e-mail given in application form.


For additionial information, please contact Ms Katrin Maiste

Phone: +372 6 314 355




Estophilus scholarship

The aim of the scholarship: The Estonian Institute offers scholarships to holders of a doctoral degree or Master’s or Doctoral students who are citizens of a foreign state and are studying at a university abroad, to write a research paper on an Estonia-related topic or to gather material for it. Knowledge of Estonian is an advantage but not a requirement.

The deadlines are 01 March and 01 October .

The amount of the scholarship: the scholarship is designated to cover subsistence expenses, tuition fees and costs directly connected with the research; it may be granted for a period ranging from two to ten months.  Most often the grant period is 2-5 months. The scholarship for one month is 500 EURO.

The scholarship is granted by the Council of Academic Studies of Estonian Language and Culture Abroad, involving experts when necessary. The scholarship is financed by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research and administered by the Estonian Institute.


The following documents should be presented for applying:

  • Estophilus' online application form
  • The completed application form (please send this form by regular mail)
  • Plan of research
  • CV
  • Certificate proving the applicant’s status as a postgraduate student or a copy of a document proving his or her PhD degree
  • Written confirmation from an Estonian research or development institution to receive the applicant. In the confirmation letter, the receiver must give a short overview in Estonian about the research topic and justify the significance of the research for Estonia (max 1 A4).
  • For postgraduate students a recommendation from their research supervisor

The application and accompanying documents, marked ‘Estophilus', should be submitted also by regular mail to the secretariat of the Council at the Estonian Institute, Suur-Karja 14, 10140 Tallinn.


Further information can be obtained via e-mail or phone + 372 6 314 355.



Estonian Intensive Language courses (ESTILC)

During the academic year 2016/2017 Estonian Intensive Language Courses (ESTILC) for Erasmus incoming exchange students will be organised. The courses are financed by the Estonian Ministry of Education and Research. The format of ESTILC courses is similar to former EILC courses.

There will be 4 ESTILC summer courses organised in August, 2016 by the following Estonian Higher Education Institutions:

In Tallinn:
Estonian Business School            15.08.2016 – 30.08.2016
- Estonian Academy of Arts             01.08.2016 – 19.08.2016
- Estonian Academy of Security Sciences 1.08.2016 – 19.08.2016

In Tartu:

- Estonian University of Life Sciences      07.08.2016 – 23.08.2016

Application deadline is 31.05.2016

ESTILC winter course  is organised in January, 2017 by the following Estonian Higher Education Institution:

- University of Tartu (in Tartu)       09.01.2017 – 27.01.2017

Application deadline is 31.10.2016

The courses are free of charge! (The organiser may ask for a small fee for the cultural programme.)
For more detailed information about the dates, duration, content, deadlines etc. please click on the name of the course organiser.

The ESTILC application form must be sent by the student directly to the course organiser by the deadline mentioned in the course information.

Student application form 2016

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