Read about others experiences while studying in Estonia.


Viacheslav Todorovych


I used to be fresh out of a Bachelor's degree without a clear idea what I would like to do in my life. Few years later, Estonia has given me the life goal I would like to achieve!

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Anastasia Mgaloblishvili


I know the weather doesn’t really help, but start off your time in Estonia with a positive mindset. You are only there for a few years but you will make the most out of your time there if you have the right attitude. Find your group of people and keep a balance between studying and enjoying your student years. 

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Sarina Masoumi


Estonia represents a fast-developing country and an attractive study destination with many opportunities to claim about yourself: local companies are always looking for young, talented people.

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Urte Budinaite


Estonia has great animation background and affordable study prices! Some things that I learned here: paint on glass animation, sand animation, Estonian pop art, performance art, serial art, film production in Baltic states...

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Irene Cresci


I chose to move to Estonia for working reasons to discover this dynamic country and get in touch with the flexibility and openness of its economic policies and since now, all my expectations have been met. 

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Bennett Pascoe


 If I had one thing to say to prospective students, it is that EBS will exceed all your expectations, “Come for the education and stay for the culture!”

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Mikko Härkönen


Wellness and Spa Service Design and Management programme has a unique approach to studies - beginning from international lecturers until study trips to spa hotels in order to understand how businesses are actually running.

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Der-Liang Yung


I study Sustainable Energetics. To be honest, I didn't choose Estonia, it chose me.

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Tufan Can


I study in the master´s programme of Sustainable Energetics. My greatest gain in Estonia is meeting and interacting with different people from all over the world...

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