Tartu Health Care College



Within about 200 years the college has been merged with different schools, had different names, and provided education and training in different specialist fields and at different levels. There are nowadays six professional higher education curricula, five vocational education curricula and two master programme`s. One of them, Master`s Programme in Radiography (www.nooruse.ee/radiography) is taught in English.

Completion of the new study building in 2011 has ensured modern teaching and learning conditions as well as high level technological equipment for all the curricula. There are skills labs that simulate the patient wards in the hospital environment, including numerous teaching/learning aids in the forms of phantoms, medical and hospital equipment etc., facilitating student adaptation to the working environment. In total, there are approximately 450 practice sites where students can pass their prayctical training sessions: central hospitals, clinics, health centres, family doctor practices, kindergartens, schools, laboratories, rehabilitation centres, care homes, social, health or/and care centres, the Health Board, the Estonian Environmental Research Centre etc. The college has 78 Erasmus partners in 22 countries.

Our library is well stocked with sufficient copies of modern teaching/learning and research literature to meet the needs of all the curricula. 



Email: admission@nooruse.ee

Website: Tartu Health Care College

Telephone: +372 737 0219

Address: Nooruse 5, Tartu 50411

Quick facts about Tartu Health Care College:

  • Founded: 1811
  • Language of instruction: Estonian, English
  • Number of students: 1300

  • Number of international students: 6

  • Faculties:
    • ​Radiography and Biomedical Laboratory Science Department
    • Nursing and Midwifery Department
    • Physiotherapy and Environmental Health Department
    • Vocational Education Department