Discovering the Future at Võti Tulevikku- Estonia's Largest Student Career Fair

This blog post was written by Atanu, a Software Development And Entrepreneurship student at Estonian Entrepreneurship University of Applied Sciences.


I had the pleasure to attend Võti Tulevikku, Estonia's largest student career fair held at Tallinn University of Technology. This annual event aims to connect students and young professionals with their future employers, offering valuable insights into the job market and career opportunities.

In this blog post, I will share my experiences and discuss some of the highlights from this year's fair.

To be completely honest, I've often been hesitant to attend events like these in the past. With the convenience of social media and platforms like LinkedIn, it feels as if all the necessary information about a particular job is just a click away. However, my friend attended the fair last year and couldn't stop talking about the great experience they had. So, I decided to set aside my reservations and give it a try this year. Plus, I couldn't resist the temptation of free goodies! :)

A Vibrant Atmosphere at the Venue

Upon entering the venue, I was instantly captivated by the lively atmosphere that filled the space. The hall was brimming with enthusiastic conversations among students, company representatives, and career advisors. The fair was impeccably organized, featuring systematically arranged booths that highlighted the diverse companies and organizations in attendance.

Võti tulevikku


Eye-catching banners, detailed brochures, and interactive exhibits enhanced each booth, making for a visually stimulating and engaging environment.

A Wide Array of Opportunities for Attendees

One of the most incredible features of Võti Tulevikku was the incredible variety of opportunities presented.

This year, the fair hosted over 100 companies, ranging from renowned international brands to inventive local startups, catering to an extensive array of interests and goals. Sectors such as technology, finance, human resources, engineering, IT, Telecommunication and even aviation companies and public sectors were prominently featured. Students had the chance to interact with these potential employers from diverse industries, allowing them to explore a multitude of career paths in a single day.

Technology Sector: A Standout Among Industries

The technology sector stood out, showcasing a remarkable selection of companies that underscored Estonia's growing reputation as a thriving tech hub. Numerous booths provided hands-on demonstrations of state-of-the-art products and services, offering students an exciting glimpse into the future of the tech world.

Võti tulevikku

Furthermore, it was apparent that many companies were actively searching for new talent to fuel their expansion, presenting a host of internships and entry-level job opportunities for students eager to launch their careers.

Alongside the more conventional sectors, Võti Tulevikku also displayed an assortment of alternative career paths.

Guidance and Assistance for Career Planning

Acknowledging the abundance of information and opportunities at the fair might be daunting for some attendees, Võti Tulevikku provided specialized career counseling and support services.

Career advisors from the Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund were on hand for individual consultations, offering tailored advice on subjects such as career planning, job hunting techniques, and personal branding. These consultations proved to be invaluable for student’s seeking direction on navigating the intricate world of employment and making well-informed choices about their future.

Võti tulevikku

Presentations, Workshops, and Office Tours

During two weeks Võti Tulevikku arranged a plethora of presentations, workshops, and seminars. These activities facilitated a comprehensive insight into diverse industries, job roles, and career planning approaches. Conducted by industry professionals and career specialists, the sessions were both enlightening and engaging. Students had the opportunity to learn about topics such as resume crafting, interview techniques, and even entrepreneurship.

The workshops were designed to attract a varied audience, with sessions customized to accommodate different degrees of experience and knowledge. For example, some workshops aimed to familiarize students with specific industries, while others tackled more advanced subjects, like navigating the complexities of the job market within a certain sector. This strategy enabled attendees to choose sessions that aligned with their career aspirations and personal development.

One seminar I found particularly insightful was from Wise, titled "Expectations When Joining a Company." The seminar delved into the challenge of balancing personal career objectives with company expectations.

Finally, there was the chance to sign up for a company office visit and meet the teams. This was too good opportunity to let go. I signed up for PlayTech and it turned out to be one of the best decisions from the event. Because not only did I have the chance to visit the amazing office but also got the opportunity to meet the hiring manager and discuss in depth the role and expectations.

Võti tulevikku

Building Connections

A significant aspect of Võti Tulevikku was the chance for students to network with prospective employers and fellow students with similar interests. It was really fascinating to witness students discussing their career ambitions confidently, exchanging contact details, and forging relationships that could potentially result in future collaborations.

In Conclusion

Participating in Võti Tulevikku proved to be a rewarding experience. With its wide array of opportunities, insightful workshops, captivating panel discussions, and exceptional networking possibilities, Estonia's premier student career fair serves as an indispensable resource for young professionals looking to launch their careers.

I am confident that numerous students departed the fair with a more distinct vision of their future, equipped with the knowledge and connections necessary to turn their aspirations into reality.

Võti tulevikku


For any students, recent graduates, or young professionals, I wholeheartedly recommend attending Võti Tulevikku. The event not only highlights the best of Estonia's job market but also provides a glimpse into the promising future of the nation's workforce.

Through this engaging experience, students are enabled to make educated decisions about their careers and embark on their journey towards realizing their full potential.



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