Most likely you have asked yourself: why come study in Estonia?

2405_Tallinn Old Town rooftops_Kaspar Orasmäe.jpg We will tell you why:

... and why Estonian universities?

  • Over 150 unique and high quality degree programmes taught fully in English
  • Internationally accepted diplomas
  • Various state scholarships and funding possibilities for incoming students
  • English language widely spoken
  • High level research projects
  • Active and fun student life
  • Working possibilities during studies and possibility to stay in the country for 9 months to look for a job after graduation
  • The personal touch: small group sizes in classrooms
  • Great value for money and affordable living
  • Safe and stable environment


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91% of international students are happy with their life
at university and 97% feel safe in Estonia.

Source: International Student Barometer TM 2019