Exploring Estonian Festivals in 2024: A Student’s Guide

This blog post was written by our student ambassador Pooja, a PhD student at the Estonian Business School


Estonia, a European treasure, displays a cultural richness that transcends the confines of  traditional academic environments. There are so many local events that offer an exceptional opportunity to fully engage with regional customs and create lifelong memories.

Ever since I came to Estonia, I have been wanting to go to these local festivals and experience everything first hand. As a  student, it has been a constant challenge as I have to juggle academic responsibilities with  personal downtime. 

However, the plan for this year is to at least go to the significant Estonian festivals and leave the rest to the upcoming years. For that, I have set up my calendar in advance and gathered all the details necessary so I won't miss them.

If you plan to do the same, this blog includes the top 4 festivals I plan to attend this year. So, let’s begin.


Tallinn Music Week: A Fusion of Sounds in the Capital City  

Date: 03.04 - 07.04.2024

Tallinn Music Week Official Website 

tallinn music week


With musicians and fans traveling from all over the world, Tallinn Music Week is a paradise for music lovers. Every year, Tallinn is transformed into an enormous stage for a wide variety of musical styles, including jazz, folk, electronic and indie music. Tallinn Music Week provides a platform for music-loving people to discover up-and-coming musicians, attend  industry lectures, and take in the lively atmosphere of Estonia's capital. 


Tip for Students: Plan your schedule in advance, explore various venues, and be open to  finding new genres. Utilize Tallinn Music Week as a chance to explore new musical genres since  it offers a stage for both established and emerging musicians. 


Tartu Student Days: A Fun Encounter for Learners 

Date: 26.04 - 04.05.2024 

Tartu Student Days Official Website 

Tartu, a city with one of Europe's oldest universities, is full of academic energy, along with various international students. Every spring, Tartu Student Days are held with the goal of  showcasing the vibrant academic scene in the city and student life. This multi-day festival  features a wide range of events, such as academic competitions, athletic events, and cultural performances. Participating in Tartu Student Days as a student is an excellent chance to meet new people and experience the sense of community that defines university life in Estonia, in addition to being a great way to boast about your intelligence. Having heard so much from many friends and students, I am thrilled about this. I will see you in Tartu if you decide to go! 


Tips for Students: Here is a hint to make the most of this nine-day feast as you prepare for the  exciting Tartu Student Days celebration. It's important to plan ahead! The key to having a well rounded experience is to engage in a variety of activities, as you do not want to miss the best  part of the events, which range from lively cultural performances and sports competitions to  academic lectures. 


Parnu Film Festival: Magical Cinema Along the Seafront

Date: 03.07 - 09.07.2024 

Parnu Film Festival Official Website 

pärnu filmifestival


The Parnu Film Festival is a visual extravaganza that lovers should not miss. Taking place every year in the charming seaside village of Parnu, this festival fills the screen with a wide selection of foreign and Estonian films. Every student should experience the unique charm of seeing movies at outdoor theaters by the sea, especially if they are movie buffs. In addition to the films, the festival offers opportunities for interaction with filmmakers, workshop participation, and insightful learning about the fascinating world of film. 


Tip for Students: Grab a blanket, pack some snacks, and enjoy the movie magic in Parnu. After  the movie is over, enjoy some more fun at the town's vibrant nightlife and lovely beaches! 


Viljandi Folk Music Festival: A Pleasing Journey to Estonian Customs 

Date: 25.07 - 28.07.2024 

Viljandi Folk Music Festival Official Website 

viljandi folk

Photo credit: Marek Metslaid

The folk traditions that make up Estonia's unique cultural fabric are celebrated at the Viljandi Folk Music Festival. This event, which takes place in the small town of Viljandi, turns the streets into a vibrant exhibition of traditional crafts, music, and dancing. Learn how to dance traditional dances, engage in seminars, and sample real Estonian food. The festival's friendly and open  atmosphere gives a unique opportunity to engage with locals and fellow enthusiasts. 


Tip for Students: Immerse yourself in the folk traditions by trying to succeed at traditional crafts  or joining in dance circles. Engaging in conversation with locals is highly encouraged since they  are frequently eager to impart their cultural knowledge. 


For me, these festivals are a unique window into the rich cultural legacy of the  nation. Whatever your interests—film, folk music, academics, or just great music in general— Estonia has something to offer to everyone.


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