Introduction to Estonian music and the most famous singers and bands

This blog post was written by our student ambassador Ana, a student of the semiotics programme at the University of Tartu.


In a mood for some pop music? Introduction to Estonian pop music and the most famous singers and bands


Have you ever had a chance to listen to some real estonian music? Maybe in a cafe, a restaurant or a nightclub? And, have you ever wondered what kind of music is popular among  Estonians? In this blog post, we bring you the list of six  most famous Estonian singers and bands, along with some of their most popular songs, that were chosen specifically, because I listen to them and their hits all the time, whether at work, home or even in a cafe and other public places. These bands and singers with their hits are stuck both into my head and my heart. Unfortunately, I haven't gone to any of their concerts yet, but it's definitely my goal in the near future. Listening to Estonian music is very useful, because by listening to Estonian songs, you have a unique opportunity to learn more about the Estonian music culture and also to get more acquainted with Estonian language in a very creative way. That's how I learned Estonian so well. Hope you will enjoy my list and even listen to some of the songs.




Terminaator is the Estonian rock band formed in 1987 in Tallinn. They started as a high school band and had their first studio album in 1989. Their style and songs vary from the rebellion against society, utopian places, emotional turmoil to the typical love songs. Some of their most popular songs are: Kaitseta (Defenseless), Carmen, Meeletu maailm (Frantic world), Romula, Kuutõbine (Sleepwalker)...


Singer Vinger

Singer Vinger is an Estonian punk rock band formed in 1985. The band used to be called  Pära Trust, Turist and Aken, but the government has chosen the name Singer Vinger, because the name Turist was considered inappropriate by the Estonian ministry of culture. Singer Vinger mostly sings about troubles of everyday life, the criticism of media and society and their influence on people's lives. Their most famous songs include: Massikomunikatsioon (The Mass communication), Jumalaga puberteet (Farewell to the puberty), Kodusõda (Home war)...


Alika Milova


Alika Milova is an Estonian pop singer from Narva who is most famous for presenting Estonia in last year's Eurovision song contest with the song The Bridges. Her songs are usually entertaining and catchy and her music videos are a pleasure to watch. Her most famous songs are:  C'est la vie, Bon appetitŎnnenumber (Lucky number)...


Vaiko Eplik

vaiko eplik

Vaiko Eplik is an Estonian singer, composer and a producer who studied music at the Tallinn Music school, specializing in pop-jazz singing. Vaiko's songs depict the harmony, serenity and the beauty of nature mixed with the simplicity of life. All of that is combined in inspiring melody and the synesthesia of instruments. His most famous songs are: Soorebased (Swamp foxes), Kosk (Waterfall), Homne päev (Tomorrow's day)...




5Miinust or Viis Miinust is an Estonian rap band which was formed in 2014 in Lääne Virumaa. The band has won five awards during their career, including the award for the best hiphop album in 2016 and the artist of the year award in 2017. As it is custom in the hiphop culture to use vulgar phrases and depict more of the taboo topics such as intimate relations and insulting the authority figures, those topics are also present in 5Miinust songs. Their most popular songs: Erootika Pood (Sex shop),  Mis sa tegid (What did you do), Jõul (Christmas)..




Markkus Pulk, professionally known as Nubluis an Estonian rapper from Keila. Nublu, along with a fellow rapper Mikael Gabriel, is announced as one of the participants of Uuden Musiikin Kilpailu, the finnish national finale for the Eurovision 2024. Nublu's song style also varies from the party club anthems to the society slap verses. Some of his most famous songs include: Öölaps (Night child), Mina ka (Me too), Aluspükse (Underwear)...


Here are the Youtube links for the songs and albums of the singers and bands:

Singer Vinger- Aino on ainus


Vaiko Eplik - Sinkjad Sünkjad





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