ISIC card and it`s importance

This blog post was written by our student ambassador Pooja, a graduate student of the Master in Business Administration program at the Estonian Business School

Pooja Kohli


As a student, gaining acceptance into a institution of higher education and learning is a significant achievement, and receiving an ISIC card is an important milestone. ISIC is a globally recognized identity card that provides a wide range of benefits to students. These benefits extend far beyond providing simple identification and instead offer an array of perks, including discounts, travel insurance, and access to extraordinary events and cultural experiences. Let this blog help you all about ISIC card.


ISIC stands for "International Student Identity Card," and it is a worldwide recognized card that certifies the cardholder's student status. The International Student Travel Confederation (ISTC) is a non-profit organization that aims to encourage educational travel and cultural exchange among students worldwide. Following World War II, there was a desire to enable international student travel and give students a form of identity that would be recognized globally. The first ISIC card was issued in Denmark in 1953, and it rapidly became popular among European students. The ISIC card is now issued in over 130 countries and is a useful resource for millions of students worldwide.

ISIC in Estonia

Once you land in Estonia for your studies, the college or university will help you get the ISIC card for instance for me The Student Affairs Office of the Estonian Business School (EBS) is in charge of assisting students in obtaining their ISIC cards. They enlightened me about the benefits of holding an ISIC card and did the entire process for my ISIC card. Also, you can visit the website of ISIC Estonia, the Estonian ISIC issuer, at Further procedure, documents and cost can be found on the Website.

Educational institutions in Estonia may offer their students a discount on the cost of an ISIC card, or they may form agreements with ISIC issuers to provide their students with free or discounted cards. It is usually an innovative idea to check with your educational institution to determine if such rewards are available.


The Estonian Student Union, a national organization that serves the interests of Estonian students, issues the ISIC card in Estonia. In Estonia, the ISIC card provides savings on a variety of products and services, including transportation, lodging, cultural events, and online shopping. Both Estonian and international students participating in full-time study at approved educational institutions are eligible for the card.

If you are a student or a young person who frequently travels, studies abroad, or participates in cultural activities, holding an ISIC card can be advantageous for several reasons:

  • Discounts and benefits: The ISIC card provide discounts and benefits on a variety of products and services, including transportation, lodging, food, entertainment, and cultural activities. These offers can help you save money and make traveling and living as a student more affordable.
  • Travel discounts: ISIC cards can get discounts on flights, tours, and other travel-related expenses in many locations worldwide.
  • Cultural Event: ISIC cardholders can get discounts on entrance to museums, galleries, theaters, and other cultural activities in many countries around the world.
  • International recognition: The ISIC card is accepted all around the world as confirmation of your student status. This might be handy when traveling abroad, as many nations provide student discounts and benefits.
  • Protection: The ISIC card contains emergency assistance and travel insurance, which might come in handy in the event of an emergency or an unforeseen situation.
  • Exclusive offers: The ISIC card grants you access to exclusive offers and experiences such as language classes, internships, and study abroad programs.

Additionally, the emergency assistance and travel insurance benefits may be listed in the ISIC app, which you can download on your mobile device.

Benefit of ISIC Estonia

In Estonia, the ISIC card offers a variety of discounts and benefits on a wide range of products and services. The ISIC card is a valuable tool for students in Estonia since it allows them to save money.

The list of shops and venues in Estonia that provide benefits to ISIC cardholders can usually be found on the ISIC Estonia website or the ISIC app. These platforms update the list of available discounts and advantages on a regular basis, so it is always a clever idea to check them often to make sure that you are taking advantage of all the most recent deals.

Here are some of the Important lists that I have personally explored as a student and enjoyed my benefit as an International Student Studying in Estonia

  • Apollo Kino cinemas
  • R-Kiosk convenience stores
  • McDonald's restaurants
  • Lido Restaurant
  • Tallinn Botanic Garden
  • Estonian National Opera
  • Tokumaru
  • Poke bowl
  • Herburger
  • Shisha Studio
  • Vapiano
  • Asian Chef
  • KuulSaal Bowling
  • City hotel Tallinn 

To summarize, the ISIC card is a crucial tool for students all over the world, giving a wealth of benefits that go far beyond identification. It is a worldwide recognized identity card that gives discounts, travel insurance, and access to cultural experiences and events and is issued by over 130 nations. The ISIC card is widely available in Estonia for international and Estonian students. As a result, students studying in Estonia should take use of the ISIC card's benefits to make their educational journey cheaper and more pleasurable.


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