My First Year in Estonia: A Review

Tere, tere! It has been a busy month with final exams, other homework, and so on. Yet, I have great news for you, which is that summer has arrived in Estonia! - Dilara


It is the first time for me to see Estonia in the summertime. Estonia is such a gorgeous, beautiful country. Everywhere is bloomed up and we are having “white nights". We now have sunlight until 10.30 pm and even later! Summer days are quite long, so after I finish studying I can spare time for hobbies, going to the beach and taking in the sun, even at 10 pm! Also, I have realized that I have now been living and studying in Estonia for almost one year! One whole year! So, I want to talk about how my 1st year studying and living in Estonia has been so far!

Summer in Estonia

Telliskivi is one of the popular areas in Tallinn, where to enjoy warm summer evenings. Photo: Rasmus Jurkatam


About my studies

Firstly, I came here for the study reason. I am studying at Estonian Business School, on the International Business Administration programme. I have completed the first year of my Bachelor's. I chose EBS because they promised good quality education with advanced teaching methods. After a year studying here, I can confirm that they have kept all their promises. I can honestly say that I have been taught very well with quite advanced lectures.

EBS intro week

Estonian Business School holds an intro week for new international students. Photo: EBS

EBS's study programmes have the highest level of international recognition. Modern teaching methods are supported by the cloud-based e-learning platform Canvas, which is used by many of the top universities around the world. Plus, Canvas makes students' life super easy. Also, EBS has managed very well with moving lectures online due to the restrictions. In our courses we had to do group work, tests, group assignments - everything online. And we managed without any problems. 

The lecturers, fellow students, school staff at EBS are welcoming and helpful. EBS has a strong network of partner universities, which include many of Europe’s best business schools (EMLyon Business SchoolUniversità BocconiBI Norwegian Business SchoolKedge Business SchoolCopenhagen Business School, and many others). You can either spend the fall semester of the second academic year abroad (mobility window) in one of EBS’s 60 partner universities worldwide or specialize in the direction of finance and accounting or the direction of marketing and communication. So you have a lot of opportunities to choose! 😊

Estonian Business School video

As an international student, my first Bachelor year has been great. I am so happy that I chose Estonian Business School. I got to know EBS's facilities and have had so many opportunities to improve myself even more.

So, if you have any questions about EBS, just let me know! I would be glad to help! 😊 You can reach out to me on our email address:


About living Estonia

Besides receiving a good quality education, Estonia is an astonishing country to live in. As I mentioned in the beginning, summer in Estonia is stunning. Having white nights ables you to do so many things during the day. To be honest, it was a bit weird for me to adjust to long days since I used to live in Turkey. In Turkey, the sun goes down around 9 pm in the summertime, but in Estonia the latest sunset is at 10.43 pm, and it almost doesn't get dark at all!

Due to my university location, I live in Tallinn. Tallinn has cool seasides, cozy beaches, and charming forests to visit. I have been to Pirita and Stroomi beaches. The sand is as golden as Turkish sands! I am quite enjoying myself, when I grab a drink and gather at one of the beaches with my friends in Tallinn.


Forest by the beach

Take a walk through the forest and you're at the beach! Photo: Margus Kontus

After living here for almost one year, I can confidently say Estonia is a beautiful country. In the winter, Estonia is covered with cozy snow. In autumn, we were having rain and orange-brownish leaves everywhere. Now, in summer, everything is green and all the flowers are blooming. So, I have experienced all distinct seasons in Estonia. Thank you, Estonia, for being so beautiful in every season!

If you are about to be an international student getting ready to travel to Estonia, I would recommend bringing both winter and summer clothes! I made a mistake by not bringing so many summer clothes because I was not expecting to have hot weather in the summertime. But Estonia has been showing me real summer degrees.😊

Summer festivals in Estonia

Many festivals take place across Estonia in the summertime. Photo: Renee Altrov


How to sum up my 1st year?

I wanted to write this blog post to share and reflect on my one-year anniversary of studying and living in Estonia. I can not believe how fast time flies. I remember receiving the Study in Estonia tote bag once I arrived in Estonia. Now, I am so happy to write blogposts and share my international student  journey and experience via Study in Estonia.

As an international student, I have always been welcomed so warmly. I have never felt displaced. Estonians help me to feel at home! If you are considering studying in Estonia. but are struggling to decide whether yes or no, I say go for it! Just choose your field and university at the online admission portal Dreamapply. By using this link you can access all the universities and programs. Also, you can have insights into the universities, application fees, and scholarship opportunities.   

Estonia has given me great opportunities to learn more about myself, and to get out of my comfort zone. If you are ready for your study in Estonia journey, just hit the "Apply" button, submit your application, and join us! 😊

Estonia awaits you! 

Text: Dilara