Tallinn Climbed an impressive 8 spots to rank 24th in the 2024 IMD Smart City Index

This blog post was written by our student ambassador Pooja, a PhD student at the Estonian Business School.


In a world where cities are evolving into tech-savvy hubs, Tallinn, Estonia shines as a hub of creativity and innovation. The city climbed to the 24th position in the 2024 IMD Smart City Index from 32nd. Having studied here for over two years, I've witnessed firsthand how this Estonian capital seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology into all aspects of city life and academics.

For students interested in studying abroad, Tallinn, Estonia presents a blend of cutting-edge infrastructure and top-notch education.


Exploring the Concept of a Smart City

The Smart City Index evaluates cities globally based on their utilization of technology to enhance living standards. It assesses aspects like infrastructure, healthcare, safety, transportation, and governance providing insights derived from residents' perspectives. This index offers a view of how cities incorporate technology to enhance their services and infrastructure.

In the case of Tallinn, its ranking indicates improvements that directly benefit its residents' students. The city has seen advancements in transportation, healthcare services with innovations, and enhanced street safety as examples of how technology is streamlining urban life for its inhabitants. For students in Tallinn, this translates to a learning environment where technology seamlessly integrates into education and daily life activities, making Tallinn an attractive city, for studying and residing alike.

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Key Features of Tallinn as a Smart City

In the 2024 IMD Smart City Index assessment Tallinn's progress stands out in the areas; 

  • Technological Infrastructure: The city actively adopts new technologies to streamline municipal operations and digitize public services, making life more convenient.
  • Education: One of Tallinn's biggest strengths is how it merges its smart city philosophy directly into academia. Universities like mine don't just teach about technology, but build it directly into the curriculum through hands-on learning, research projects, and industrial partnerships.
  • Transportation: Smart traffic management, green urban mobility solutions, and high-tech public transit make it a breeze to navigate Tallinn efficiently and sustainably.

Outstanding Academic Environment in a Technologically Advanced Hub

Having studied in Tallinn for more than two years, I have personally witnessed how the local education system not just keeps up with but also leads the way in adopting cutting edge technologies. 

This proactive stance towards integrating technology into the curriculum has provided students like me with an understanding of innovative applications. 

The educational programs here are designed to align with the economy's needs focusing on areas such as STEM, digital arts, and sustainable technologies. The hands-on learning approach supported by facilities and access to research initiatives ensures that we are well-equipped to pursue rewarding career opportunities upon graduation.


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Residing in a Highly Ranked Smart City

But world-class academics are just one part of the equation. Simply going about daily life in a highly-rated smart city like Tallinn elevates the entire student experience.

For students such as myself, being part of Tallinn means being immersed in a city known for its governance and infrastructure. Having smart infrastructure ensures affordable and eco-friendly mobility options, streamlined digital access to municipal services, enhanced public safety,and more. These may seem like small conveniences, but they add up to a high quality of living that lets you focus more on your studies.

In reflecting on my experience in Tallinn I am enthused by the city's progress and the potential role I can play in its advancements. The rise in the Smart City Index serves as evidence of endeavors to leverage technology for enhancement. Cheers to all the minds and dedicated individuals driving Tallinn towards city leadership—here's to your ongoing success and our shared journey toward greater achievements!



Pooja kohli

PhD Student, EBS



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