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Days of International Education Italy, April

Organizer: Tallinn University of Technology

April 21, 2022, Milan, Italy, The Westin Palace Milan Hotel.

April 23, 2022, Rome, Italy, The Westin Excelsior Rome Hotel

The global pandemic is gradually coming to an end and many countries are returning to normal life in which businesses and industries are no longer closed, where there are no more restrictions on social life, where schools, colleges, universities and public events are re-opened, and the last remaining restrictions are lifted.

Without a doubt, 2022 will be a year of recovery and new opportunities for everyone, including professionals in the international education industry and their future students.

For many years, Italy has been one of the main countries where education providers from all over the world have successfully recruited new students.

On April 21st in Milan and April 23rd in Rome, after a long break, representatives of international language schools and camps, secondary schools and colleges, universities, and business schools will meet face-to-face with future students and their parents, with teachers and representatives of companies and organizations, with anyone who is thinking about studying abroad: children, employees, clients and all others.

Rome, the capital of Italy, is one of the oldest cities in the world, the capital of the ancient Roman Empire, the origin of European civilization. Today, Rome, with a population of 4 million people, is Italy's largest metropolis. Modern Rome is a city where ancient monuments and modern buildings coexist peacefully. Here, grandiose ancient ruins are located next to the narrow medieval streets, pompous buildings of the 19th - early 20th centuries, as well as modern buildings. The city is very diverse and attractive in its own way.

Milan is the main city of Northern Italy and the capital of the Lombardy region. If Rome represents "old Italy", then Milan is its modern symbol and is considered the business and financial center of the country. Milan is the capital of fashion and business, the most stylish and wealthy city in Italy. It offers a number of famous sights, such as the magnificent Duomo Cathedral, the medieval fortification Sforzesco Castle, included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Church of Santa Maria Delle Grazie, and many other interesting historical and cultural monuments and places of interest.

Known to thousands of people in Europe, as well as among many education providers, the Fair “Days of International Education” will take place in the comfortable and cosy atmosphere of the 5-star hotels The Westin Palace Milan and The Westin Excelsior Rome, which are well-known to the Italian public.

The fairs in Milan and Rome will present study opportunities in Europe, the USA, Canada – in boarding schools, international colleges, universities, and business schools, as well as in schools of the English language and other foreign languages for various age groups, and language programmes and camps for juniors.

The “Days of International Education” in Italy is an ideal platform offering a number of benefits to education providers: quick results in direct recruitment of new students, support of their representatives and agents in Italy, development of their brand names’ recognition, the establishment of new contacts and the creation of new ideas for further promotion and raising awareness of study abroad industry.

Educational institutions will present the following study programmes:

- language courses for different age groups worldwide;
- vacation courses for juniors;
- higher education programmes (Bachelor, Master, MBA, Foundation);
- secondary education programmes at private boarding schools and colleges;
- study programmes at state schools and colleges in Europe, the USA, Canada and other countries;
- further education and professional colleges;
- teacher training courses;
- executive courses and programmes;
- distance learning and international exams.

If you are an education provider looking for more information and the application procedure then please visit the EDUCATORS section.

If you plan to attend the fairs as a visitor, please go to the VISITORS section.