Estonian Aviation Academy joined Europe’s first international alliance for zero-emission aviation


Estonian Aviation Academy was admitted as a member of the Alliance for Zero-Emission Aviation (AZEA), an initiative of the European Commission. Membership will broaden the Academy’s opportunities for international cooperation and offers a possibility to engage top-quality professionals in the process of preparing for the introduction of climate neutral and zero-emission aircraft in Estonia.

Alliance for Zero-Emission Aviation (AZEA)


Zero-emission aviation impacts the infrastructure of airports, the structure of aircraft and business models of aviation enterprises. Within the framework of the Alliance, different working groups will start their work with a view to mapping challenges posed by the introduction of zero-emission aircraft and providing practical solutions needed to overcome them.

"Becoming a member of the Alliance enhances the credibility of the Estonian Aviation Academy as a centre of competence for future aviation and offers new prospects for international cooperation in research and development in the field of zero-emission aviation,” said Maiken Kull, Vice Rector for Development at the Academy.

“The city of Tartu along with Tartu Science Park and the Association of Municipalities of Tartu County launched the ZeroEst carbon neutrality development centre to develop a climate neutral aviation ecosystem and open a test centre in the region of Tartu. Admission of the Estonian Aviation Academy to the AZEA is a significant step in progressing towards these aims,” added Raimond Tamm, Deputy Mayor of Tartu.

The Alliance for Zero-Emission Aviation is an initiative of the European Commission, which is open to private and public sector organisations who share the objective to prepare the entry into commercial service of hydrogen-powered and electric aircraft. From Estonia, also SKYCORP and the Nordic Aviation Group have joined the Alliance.

Further information on the activities of the AZEA can be found here


Source:  Estonian Aviation Academy webpage


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