Tallinn University of Technology (TalTech)


TalTech - where sustainable digital future is made!

Why TalTech? 


  • Founded in 1918, TalTech has approx. 9000 students (10% are international), making it the largest and one of the most international universities in the capital. 
  • Ranked in the top 3% of the global universities (QS World University Rankings) and the top 2% in specific fields, like Engineering, Technology, and Business Administration. 
  • Membership in the EuroTeQ network gives our students access to courses in other top-ranked technological universities across Europe.  


  • Unique and internationally recognized programmes and modern learning environment create curricula tailored to meet the latest demands of the job market. We actively engage experienced practitioners from the private sector in the process.
  • At TalTech, we implement challenge-based learning, solve real-world problems, and develop skills necessary for today’s dynamic world.
  • Modern labs and facilities await students on our green and smart campus. Here, cutting-edge technologies are tested and implemented daily. Our campus is also home to over 50 high-tech companies.


  • TalTech is well known for its active student life, with nearly 40 diverse student organizations involved in everything from satellite construction to major event organisation. Every student has the opportunity to discover their passion and gain valuable experience in learning how to manage a business or a project.
  • World-class sporting facilities and a vibrant sports community contribute to an enriching student experience.
  • Our extensive and active alumni community with over 70,000 graduates worldwide enhances the study journey, offers valuable connections, and opens up promising future prospects for every student at TalTech.

Studies at TalTech

TalTech offers 4 Bachelor’s and 12 Master’s programmes (in English) in the following fields:

  • Information Technologies (including Cyber Security and e-Governance) 
  • Business and Governance (including MBA, Law, and Technology Governance) 
  • Engineering 
  • Maritime Sciences 

All programmes are internationally recognized and provide high-quality education by combining in-depth study and creative labs. Thus, you can get the best hands-on experience for your education and career. 

Studies for the EU/EEA citizens are tuition-free (except for at the School of Business and Governance). In addition, a number of scholarships are available. In 2024, a record sum of half a million euros is given out by the TalTech Development Fund to support the studies of our students.

At TalTech, you can also get a PhD degree either as an Early Stage Researcher, Industrial Doctoral Student, Doctoral Student, or External Student. There are no tuition fees for doctoral studies; also, Early Stage Researchers are paid a monthly salary of at least the average monthly salary in Estonia. More about PhD here.



Email: study@taltech.ee

Website: TalTech

Telephone: +372 620 2022

Address: Ehitajate tee 5, Tallinn 19086


Quick facts about TalTech:

  • Public university, founded in 1918 
  • Ranked in 3% of world’s best universities (QS World University Rankings® 2020)

  • Biggest university in the capital with around 10 000 students 
  • Unique and internationally-recognised programmes 
  • A smart digital campus where a self-driving vehicle, 5G internet and satellites are being developed

  • Dynamic university-industry cooperation and strong emphasis on entrepreneurship 
  • Mektory Innovation and Business Centre